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Because you will DIE if you hear ONE MORE CHRISTMAS CAROL. Because there are too damn many ways to spell Hanukkah/Chanukah/Chanukka. Because you don't have someone to kiss on New Years. Because the themes of Kwanzaa are hard to remember. Because you waited and waited but the Great Pumpkin never came. Because whoever invented Valentine's Day clearly doesn't like single people. Because you're sick of matzoh. Because they cut the turkey without you.

Because sometimes holidays just SUCK.

That's the theme for this fairly informal ficathon.

What Will Be Allowed

- fan fiction (200 word minimum) and artwork
- any fandom, whether I've thought to include it in the comm's interests or not
- any ship (het, slash, femmeslash, gen, threesome, whatever)
- any rating
- any holiday (not just winter holidays)

What Won't Be Allowed

- Intolerance, whether it's meant to be humorous or not. There'll be no hating on anyone's faith (or lack thereof). It may suck to be a Buddhist on Burns Night (just to pick a random holiday). Buddhists don't suck. Note the distinction.

- Also, no off-topic posts. I reserve the right to delete any posts that I deem off-topic. But I'll probably warn you first. I'm nice. If you have any questions, contact me directly or drop a comment at the first post in this comm.

- Stuff that reads like Hallmark greetings cards. We're ranting in the form of fic and art. Of course your piece can have a happy ending, but the focus should be on the negative. (A few examples: Rogue finds herself under the mistletoe and her classmates are afraid to kiss her. Luke doesn't think Valentine's Day is all that important and Lorelai does. Anthony Goldstein is the only Jew in all of Hogwarts, which makes the winter holidays kind of not fun. Eating haggis on Burns Night. Getting your house egged by the darling trick-or-treaters. And so on.)

Posting Procedure

This is fairly informal, as I said, so there are no rigid posting rules. DO use a header that includes warnings, pairings, fandom, and rating. DO use a proofreader/beta reader; it's the right thing to do. All graphics and fan fiction should be placed behind a lj-cut, but if you want to post a thumbnail or a blurb where we can all see it, that's fine.

Feel free to cross-post. Please do NOT disable comments, just in case I need to tweak your post (for whatever reason).

This is NOT a fic/art exchange, but if you want to dedicate your post to someone, be my guest.

HAVE FUN! This is a bitch fest dressed up as a fic/art fest.

The banner was designed by the fabulous grrliz.